Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Movie: My Sister's Shoes

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Wicked Window Productions, 2016
Directed by Monique Guggino

This  is a short film that Mommy and Bad Daddy did the special effects for. They went away for only one forever, so I'm not too mad at this movie.

It takes place during an alien invasion with a handful of people trying to survive.

It starts out pretty slow but then starts picking up the pace about halfway through. It's a good story and I think the acting was really good.  I think Bad Daddy was on the screen too, but I didn't recognize him.

When I watched it I liked the visuals on the screen and how people talked quietly most of the time, but some of the loud noises scared me a little. The aliens seem to have a thing about explosions.

You can see it for free here!   https://youtu.be/xlS5VmuFyJM

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