The Less Important Cats

There are a lot of other cats that live in my house because my family rescues and rehabilitates abandoned and feral cats. In fact, my Bio-Mommy surprised them by having me and my siblings a few weeks after they caught her!

Sometimes the humans can find new homes for cats, but many of us have health problems or mental issues and nobody wants us. So we get to live here for good.

On the left is my grandfather, Goofball. He died before I was born but I owe everything to him.  He had the wisdom to start hanging around our house. Mommy called him that because he had crossed eyes and looked a little goofy.  He used to hang out with Mommy outside but he was feral and wouldn't let her pet him.

My grandmother Operetta is on the right. She was also feral and started dating Goofball.  They had lots of children together. Operetta was really smart too and she started bringing her kittens into the garage so it was easier for our humans to take care of them. It's weird that Operetta wouldn't let anyone pet her but she didn't mind Mommy handling her kittens.

This is my kitten Cerberus. I adopted him in December of 2023 when Mommy brought home a couple of feral kittens to work with. I liked him and he really liked me, so I named him after my toy shark.

Blackjack is my big sister and she was named because she was the 21st feral kitten that the humans caught. She was really tiny for a few years, but now she's gigantic.

This is Cassie, who used to be Gammy's cat but she decided that she likes Good Daddy better.  In fact, Good Daddy seems to be the only person that she likes.  She has a weird condition that makes her squint a lot of the time so she looks like she thinks that everyone owes her money.

This is my big brother Gabriel. He looks a lot like our grandfather Goofball except his eyes aren't crossed. Gabriel gets really nervous around people he doesn't know, but he is very attached to Good Daddy.

This is my aunt Hatchet. She was the third feral kitten that Mommy caught and it took almost a year before she became domesticated. She still hides from most people but she really loves Mommy. In fact, she never lets me forget that Mommy was her human first but she doesn't mind sharing as long as she gets plenty of time with her too.

These are my uncles Herbie (left) and Moloch (right). They look like twins but Moloch is actually Hatchet's brother while Herbie was born a couple years later. Moloch was the very first feral kitten that my family took in.

Herbie was given to a couple who wanted a kitten but they gave him back because he was too inquisitive!  Now he and Moloch hang out together a lot and get away with a lot of mischief because no one knows which one of them to blame.

This is my brother Hobbes. He's a special kind of stupid. We were born with respiratory problems and while I recovered from that quickly, Hobbes got so sick that he almost died!  Even now he still wheezes when he breathes and Good Daddy gives him a paste to help him. I think when Hobbes had a bad fever it fried up his brains.

Hobbes and I are very close though. I beat him up a lot when he does something stupid, which is pretty much six or seven times a day.

This is Mewsolini, who showed up in our yard in 2018. He was named by one of Mommy's friends because he demands a lot of attention and he's very aggressive about it.  When he first got here he was very sick and abused. We think somebody just dumped him in the woods near our house and he got parasites from eating garbage and road kill. But after a few visits to the vet he started gaining weight and we found out that he's over 16 years old!

Mewsolini passed away in 2022 of old age. I actually really miss him.

This is Nemesis, who I think might be related to me somehow.  She has a friend named Tripod because he only has three legs and can't breed. Mommy had to use a trap to catch them right before a big hurricane hit us. They have been with us for a few years but they refuse to be domesticated. So they stay in Good Daddy's office.

This is my biological mother Phantom. She was pregnant with Hobbes and I when she was caught, so we were the "surprise kittens" and the only ones born in captivity. Phantom became tame really quickly when she figured out that humans make great babysitters. She didn't even mind that I liked being with Mommy more than her.

Unfortunately, Phantom passed away in December of 2019.

 See, Mewsolini loves hanging out with Chava, the Bad Barky Dog.  Gammy rescued Chava from the pound after there had been three previous attempts to find a home for him and nobody wanted him. He was really hyper, but us cats put him in his place.

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