Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Movie: Turtlepocalypse!

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Siren Productions Media, 2016
Directed by Mommy (Shiva Rodriguez) 

Mommy says that "Turtlepocalypse!" was made just for fun and was done in about 3 hours.

I watched from the window as Mommy, Bad Daddy, Good Daddy, and Mean Aunt Lowrie were outside playing with a big turtle that lives by my house when they were supposed to be working on something else.

It's really just silly and meant to be a parody of those no-budget crazy animal movies that play on the Syfy channel.  I think that they should have done CAT-ASTROPHE instead and just let me bite everyone.

I liked seeing Bad Daddy and Mean Aunt Lowrie screaming in terror. I need to find out what the turtle's secret is.

You can watch it for free on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/DaUvFiNbOaE

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