Halloween Photos

Mommy and Bad Daddy love Halloween. I love it too because it's a great time for them to find toys for me. Every now and then Mommy gets a costume for me to wear too.

This giant spider is called "Snaketopus" because Mommy thought she could trick me into thinking its legs were toy snakes. I get sleepy every time I look into its eyes.

This was my very first Halloween costume. Mommy thought I'd like to be a shark!

I decided to be a spider so I could scare Mommy because she doesn't really like spiders.

Bad Daddy gave me Halloween Snake. It is longer than my other toy snakes and when he bends he keeps that shape!  I love playing with him!

Mommy dressed up as Marvel's Loki and I got to be Cat Thor.  Bad Daddy says that Cat Thor actually exists in a comic book about a Squirrel Girl.

Bad Daddy looks a lot like Chief Hopper from Stranger Things. Gus dressed up as a Demigorgon.  

Halloween 2021 I went as a warlock!

Mommy calls my 2022 costume "Wishful Thinking".

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