Baby Photos

We were only a couple weeks old when this photo was taken.

Gus used to take care of any new kittens that came in. It was kind of neat that he and I had the same color fur for a while.

Bad Daddy likes to show this photo because it proves that I liked him when I was little. I say it just proves that I was exhausted after trying to escape his clutches and he took advantage of the situation with his computer camera.

I used to sit in Mommy's office with her and help her edit her movies. In fact, Mommy really couldn't go anywhere without me following her.

My Aunt Hatchet likes taking care of kittens too. Here she is with my big brother Gabriel when he was really little.

This is my Uncle Moloch when he was a baby. I think this photo was taken the day after our humans caught him in the wild.

Everyone says that my Uncle Moloch was very demanding as a kitten. He used to wear Gus out by playing with him all day.

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